Nish Tahir

Hello. I'm an engineer, programmer and tinkerer.

Nish Tahir

Hi, I'm a guy with a keen interest in Science and Technology. I've got a pretty diverse background in all sorts of things ranging from Aerospace and Aircraft Engineering as well as Computer Science and programming. I enjoy teaching part-time as well as public speaking at conferences.



AndroidChat's lovable Slackbot. It helps keep track of interesting links, content and much more shared with the group. Fork this project on Gitlab


Podfire is a podcast aggregator service with a mobile and web interfaces currently in development Visit the landing page


Atlas Text is a decent text editor application with syntax highlighting built using eclipse SWT and ANTLR 4 Fork this project on Github


Some of my top skills include but are not limited to

JVM development JVM languages including Java, Groovy and Kotlin.
Digital systems design Microprocessor and embedded systems programming
Android development Application development using Android Studio
3D modeling and CAD design 3D design using Solidworks and Catia V5
Aeronautical engineering Aircraft maintenance, flight design and modelling


If you would like to get in touch whether to hire, or invite me to speak at your event, please email me at, or reach out to me through one of these other services. I'd love to hear from you.